Sales and Use Tax

The key to sales and use tax is to be compliant and avoid penalties. At Moser & Associates, we’ll help you stay informed and compliant. We prefer to take a proactive versus reactive approach to sales and use tax. A large portion of state’s revenue come from sales and use tax collection. In Minnesota, more than 47% of the states revenue are sales and use tax. It’s no surprise that states aggressively enforce these laws.

If your business operates in multiple states or is an e-commerce business, you will find the inconsistencies from one state to the next that are hard to manage. We can help you develop a proactive approach to maintain compliance and avoid penalties.

We offer a variety of sales and use tax services such as: 
  • Sales and Use Tax Consulting
  • Return Filing – Monthly, Quarterly and Annual
  • Audit Support
  • Sales Tax Planning
  • Exposure Resolution

If you are interested in our services please contact us today! 763-515-0354